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Exact Mortgage Experts Ltd

Excellent service. PSU always provides a thorough resolution to any issues we might have and are very supportive!

Marcus Diffey, Siemens

PSU's Service Desk have provided a very prompt , courteous and effective resolution which has met my needs but exceeded expectations.

Broker Assistance Insurance Service Limited

Very impressed by what we've seen, from the initial on-site visit, to the subsequent support we received to rectify the final remaining issue. Thank you.

Nicole McGlashan, Essex Highways

Felt that PSU have tried to look at every possible outcome to what the issue was and have helped resolve quickly and patiently.

Alan Thorpe, TVS Supply

Subasi delivered a fast, speedy and efficient service. It was a refreshing change to what we have been used to with our previous provider.

Acal Enterprise Solutions Ltd

PSU's engineers always provide an excellent service. They are also extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you.

Peter Hatherley, National Air Traffic Services (NATS)

PSU are quick and on the ball with delivering excellent service.

University of Surrey

A very timely service which allowed me to continue my work with no delays. Thanks.

Paul Slegg, Gallaher

Great, fast service allowing me to get server back to full drive capability within 24 hours of reporting fault.

Laura Gormley, Versus Law

Really fast, efficient service.

Clive Bumpus, Works Scheduler at Ringway Jacobs Ltd

This was dealt with very professionally. Total time taken must have been less than 5 minutes, everything was explained. Excellent job.

Ringway Jacobs Ltd

Speaking from experience of dealing with other service providers, PSU has definitely broken the mould of previously shoddy wasteful IT help - well done and keep it up!

Magda Markuszewska, Ringway Jacobs Ltd

I am very happy with the service which I have received from you. The problem has been logged very quickly & resolved straight away. Great people & customer service. Well Done!!

Mark Carey, IT Manager at Judge Priestley

Excellent support/service as usual from PSU. The issue was dealt with within the hour.

Trevor Dyson, Morrison Utility Servcies

The solution was already in place before I asked for it.

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