Getting the best support is indispensable to getting the most from your communications platform.

Why Phone System is Important to Your Business

Your phone system is one of the most important business tools for improving your customer experience whilst saving money.

It’s fundamental to your success, as without it you can’t deliver quality service to your customers.

Critical to customer service

When your phone system’s set up correctly, your business can thrive.

Always reach the right person at the first attemptautomated management & routing of incoming calls is invaluable to ensure customers consistently get the support & answers they need.

Ensure customers reach you wherever you are – your phone system’s Mobility capabilities are key to keeping you connected to them wherever you’re working – reducing the risk of customers becoming frustrated, abandoning calls and taking their business elsewhere.

Don’t make customers wait - in-built reporting tools are vital to highlight where you need to shift resources, dramatically reducing queue lengths and the time customers need to wait before speaking with you.

Handle more calls - self-service menu options guide callers to where they need to be, without having to manually transfer them. Helping to increase satisfaction with your business.

Integrated. Unified. Essential.

Get to the crux of your customers’ enquiries – integration with your CRM is indispensable for locating essential client information. So you can just get on with giving your customers the support they need. 

Communicate in the way your customers expect – from voice, presence, IM, unified messaging & emails to video and web conferencing. UC & collaboration tools are invaluable to improving the way you interact and gives customers greater choice in how to contact you.

Scale effectively and save money

Your phone system’s central to supporting you as your business grows.

Add new handsets when employees join – IP technology is crucial to getting new users quickly connected, communicating and contributing to your business.

Save money on internal calls – IP telephony offers invaluable benefits, such as the free calls you’re able to make to colleagues through VoIP.

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