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Director of IT Sales

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Rob leads PSU’s IT Sales operation, overseeing the development of customer accounts, new business, solutions and services.

Rob's dedication and drive has been pivotal to growing the breadth of PSU's solutions portfolio. With his detailed understanding of the way technology benefits business, Rob's helped transform many accounts into long term customers who view us as their trusted solutions partner. Having driven the launch and ongoing development of our cloud platform Reliance, Rob's also enhanced the consultative value of our managed & hosted service offerings.

Rob's commercial and technical background including numerous B2B engineering roles, culminated in him leading many of PSU's highest profile projects including a £2m cloud computing deal with Ringway Jacobs for their Essex Highways contract.  

When he's not at work, Rob's passion for technology extends into the world of consumer gadgetry, which he tries to balance with his love of the great outdoors.

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In today’s highly competitive markets with razor-thin margins, it is more important than ever to have agile processes and systems that are perfectly aligned with the needs of your business. Our new cloud environment provides this. It allows our customers, like Meridian to service the needs of their customers faster than ever before, giving them a real competitive edge.

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